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(e)revolution 2024 is exclusively for eBikes, eBike components, eBike related accessories and technical apparel. No other eMobility products are permitted on display and show management will arrange to have any such products removed and stored until the show has completed at 5pm, 06/02.

Plus, all eBikes and eBike components on exhibit must follow US classifications and UL 2849 requirements to meet the various federal and state regulations.

Show management has the right to remove any products deemed illegal to be sold and used in the United States, such as products that do not meet US UL requirements or one of the 3 power and speed classifications.

Note: The show is a 3 day B2B2C show. You are not permitted to tear down and depart at any time starting on May 31st at 10am until June 2nd at 5PM.