Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is (e)revolution?

(e)revolution is the world’s first B2B2C e-bike expo focused solely on the needs of e-bike manufacturers, retail businesses, media, and users. dealers, suppliers, and consumers. This four-day sustainability-focused event will provide manufacturers opportunities to engage directly with e-bike retailers and end-users, as well as engage with both trade and consumer media at the local and national levels.

What are the 2023 Show hours and dates?

Show Move In
June 6, 2023 Hours TBD June 7, 2023 Hours TBD
B2B Trade Show Dates & Hours
June 8, 2023 10 AM – 6PM June 9, 2023 10 AM – 4PM
B2C Consumer Show Dates & Hours
June 10, 2023 10 AM – 6PM June 11, 2023 10 AM – 4PM
Show Move Out
June 11, 2023 4PM – TBD June 12, 2023 Hours TBD

Why Denver, Colorado?

The Denver metro population is 2.9 million people and nearly 80% of Colorado’s population lives within 90 miles of Denver.
Denver is regarded as one of the top bike destinations
  • “Nation’s best e-bike rebate program” –
  • #6 Most Bicycle Friendly States – Bike League
  • #13 Best City for Bikes – People for Bikes
The Colorado Convention Center is one of the largest convention centers in the United States
  • 2.2 million square feet and 11,000 hotel rooms nearby
  • One of most eco-friendly convention centers in the US
Denver International Airport is now ranked as the third busiest airport in the world With 214 daily non-stop destinations in the US and 14 from international cities with affordable light rail running from the terminal to downtown every 30 minutes.

Can those attending (retailers, media, and consumers) test ride eBikes?

Yes, on a professionally designed course. Details on e-bike test rides and demonstrations will be provided at a later date.

How much does (e)revolution cost to attend for Retailers and Media?

Retailers, distributors, importers, buyers (Free Registration)
  • Working Media (editorial) (Free Registration)
  • Non-Profits (Free Registration)
  • Independent Sales Reps (Free Registration)
Onsite Registration $500Media Sales (Pay)
  • Early Bird $250
  • Regular Registration $400
Non-Buyer / Consultant, Brand / Manufacturer, Event Organizer (Pay)
  • Early Bird $250
  • Regular Registration $400
  • Onsite Registration $500
Details on Registering to attend will be available soon.

Does it cost to attend the on-site seminars?

No; education at (e)revolution is complimentary. You must have a show badge.

What lodging is available for (e)revolution?

Lodging information for (e)revolution will be provided in November 2022.

How can I learn more about The Big Gear Show?

Please check The Big Gear Show website for more information.

Exhibitor Questions

Who can exhibit?

(e)revolution is open to all brands and OEM manufacturers who produce products or provide services for the e-bike market such as e-bikes, batteries, cycling components, accessories, apparel, hydration, and nutrition products. We also welcome service providers and non-profit organizations with an interest in engaging the e-bike industry.


Information on exhibiting can be found on our exhibitor page

Where do I apply to exhibit?

Information on applying to exhibit can be found on our exhibitor page

How much does it cost to exhibit?

Booth pricing will be provided after you are approved to exhibit. Information on applying to exhibit can be found on our exhibitor page.
Exhibit space pricing information can be downloaded by completing this form.

I completed the exhibitor application; when will I receive my approval confirmation?

You will be notified via email within 7-10 business days with your confirmation or a request for more information.

Can I use my mobile showroom to exhibit at the Colorado Convention Center?


We developed a Mobile Showroom Program in partnership with our official show decorator, Modern Expo, and the Colorado Convention Center. 

Registered exhibitors with reserved space who wish to use their outdoor mobile exhibits to exhibit at (e)revolution can take advantage of this special cost-saving program that will allow them to drive their showroom onto the show floor in the convention center, set up their exhibit, and be ready for business.

More information is available on the Exhibitor Resources Page

Retailer Questions

Where can I register to attend as a Retail Buyer?

Retailer registration open in late 2022

Where can I find hotel information?

Lodging information for (e)revolution will be provided in November 2022

Where can I find the education schedule?

(e)revolution is excited to have both the National Bike Dealers Association and PeopleForBikes. As our official education partners for the show. Both organizations are at work developing the education program and we will share it when it becomes available.

Check back in early 2023 for updates to the (e)revolution education page

Is there an exhibitor list and floor map available?

This will become available in Spring 2023 prior to the show.

Media Questions

I would like to attend (e)revolution as media; what do I need to know?

(e)revolution is open to trade and consumer-focused media outlets including print, TV, radio, and online, industry analysts, as well as any writer, photographer, or editor with an editorial assignment related to cycling products and the cycling industry. We have two media badge types: Working Media and Media Sales. Working Media must have a current editorial assignment while media sales attendees include ad sales, publishers, producers, marketing staff, promotion companies, casting directors, filmmakers, and agencies – social media / PR / advertising/ brand / creative.

How do I register as “Working Media”?

Please determine which type of working media you are, prepare the required documentation (see the credentials requirements and answers below) and log in to our registration system to complete your registration.

Required Credentials: TV Reporters/Camera Crews/Photographers

Please provide a letter from the news director or assignment editor on station/network letterhead saying that you have been assigned to represent the organization in an editorial capacity at (e)revolution. AND at TWO credentials:
  1. A station-issued, current press photo I.D.
  2. A business card from a major network reflecting your editorial role
  3. Coverage must be done independently and not solicited by exhibiting companies. Please note that any TV staff registering onsite will need to provide all documentation.

Required Credentials: Freelance Writers/Photographers/Videographers

Please provide a scanned copy or link to the publication masthead that includes your name and title OR a letter from the news director or assignment editor on station/network or publication letterhead saying that you have been assigned to represent the organization in an editorial capacity at (e)revolution. Coverage must be done independently and not solicited by exhibiting companies.

Required Credentials: Editors/Staff Writers/Staff Photographers/Photo Editors

Please provide both of the following:
  1. An email or scanned original letter on assigning network/outlet/publication’s letterhead from assigning editor or news director with a writing assignment detailing a specific coverage assignment at the show.
  2. Scanned or linked examples of your published, bylined editorial work in the last three months in assigning publication within the cycling industry.
Coverage must be done independently and not solicited by exhibiting companies.

What if I don’t have an assignment?

Media without a current cycling-industry-related assignment will not be approved for a Working Media badge, but are welcome to join us with a Media Sales badge.

I have a website or blog; can I attend as Working Media?

We welcome digital publications, but to be considered for a Working Media badge, you must have a previously established, independent site that is updated at least biweekly with original, industry-related news. The site must have a proven track record showing coverage of the cycling and related space for at least one year. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter sites, personal blogs, forums, crowd-sourcing sites, and user groups will not be considered for Working Media accreditation but can apply for Media Sales badges.

Can I register for a media badge onsite at the show?

Yes, media may register onsite during published registration hours. (e)revolution will have a representative onsite to review and qualify registering media. Please note that travel to the show does not guarantee admittance.

What is the difference between “Working Media” and “Media Sales” badges?

Working Media badges indicate to exhibitors and retailers that the person has a current editorial assignment with a relevant publication. Media Sales badges indicate the wearer is in ad sales, publishing, production, marketing, promotion, a casting director, filmmaker, or from an agency – social media / PR / advertising/ brand / creative.

How do I find out which brands are at the show?

Exhibitor lists will become available in Spring 2023

Who do I contact for information about (e)revolution?

Please contact Dave Petri for any media inquiries related to (e)revolution.

Dave Petri
Marketing & Communications

What is (e)revolution’s camera policy?

(e)revolution allows accredited Working Media to take photos in exhibitor booths only with the permission of the exhibitor. (e)revolution allows limited video and still camera use on the show floor. If you intend to take photos at the show, you must first visit the Media Registration desk to obtain a photography sticker for your badge. Under no circumstances will anyone be permitted to take pictures of an exhibitor’s product without permission from the exhibitor. Many products on display at (e)revolution are innovative, one-of-a-kind prototype items. Exhibitors have the right to refuse the taking of pictures in their booths. UNAUTHORIZED PHOTOS WILL BE CONFISCATED (along with DEVICE). THE OFFENDER’S BADGE WILL BE PULLED AND THEY WILL BE BLACKLISTED FROM ATTENDING FUTURE SHOWS.