Exhibit at (e)revolution

A Commitment to Pedals

The eBike revolution is here and so is (e)revolution, the world’s only B2B2C exhibition focused solely on pedal-assist eBikes and the demonstration and education of eBikes for retailers, manufacturers and most importantly, consumers.

(e)revolution is open to all brands and OEM manufacturers who produce products or provide services for the e-bike market such as e-bikes, batteries, cycling components, accessories, apparel, hydration, and nutrition products. We also welcome service providers and non-profit organizations interested in engaging the e-bike industry.

A Day at (e)revolution

(e)revolution Expo

With 50 or more exhibiting brands serving the e-bike community, consumers will have plenty of vendors to visit, from bikes, to apparel, and accessories.

Watts Happening Education Series

As with 2023, our education series will populate with content for all constituents, including retailer and consumer. We can tailor fit content to regions, calling on local organizations for assistance and relevance.

Acoustic Garage

Many of our brands are prolific with both e-bike and acoustic bikes and would love to show a selection of their unplugged offering.

Bike Demos

(e)rev 2024 will feature short, close-in demo courses for MTB, road/urban/ and gravel/sport respectively. These are designed to provide a quick turn, 10-15 min experience. Great for riders to compare different bikes and great for vendors to sample widely.