By Claire Barber

The Show is not just filed with a massive variety of e-bikes. It’s also packed with wares from innovative manufacturers—from helmet makers to cup-holder crafters—making accessories to go along with those e-cycles. Take a look at the best stuff beyond bikes on the floor at (e)revolution.


E-Bike Accessories Round Up - IMG 1653

Burley has been around since 1978, and the company even helped to write child trailer standards back in the 1990s. “We see trailers on the road for 20 to 30 years,” says Maya Martineau, Burley key account coordinator.

Burley trailers are built to be compatible with regular and e-bikes, and in 2023 the company introduced recyclable materials into its designs. The Bark Ranger trailer is built with bluesign recycled fabrics. (MSRP $599.95) 

Handle Stash

E-Bike Accessories Round Up - IMG 1657

If you’ve ever tried to bike with a cup of coffee in your hand, then you know how precarious the endeavor is. With every bump, curve, and turn your coffee could spill or even tumble to the asphalt. Inspired by an ill-fated beach bike trip in California, Adam Saplin thought up Handle Stash, a shock-absorbing cup holder.

The cup holders are made in Colorado and have endured stress tests at Whistler and Trestle bike parks to make sure your drink can endure the most aggressive terrain. Best of all, the cup holder is easy to move between e-bike rentals and your mountain bike, making Handle Stash especially convenient. (MSRP $45) 

Po Campo 

E-Bike Accessories Round Up - IMG 1679

With an all-female design team, female owned manufacturing facility, and female founder, Po Campo creates fun and functional bags with pops of color. Their attachments fit a variety of bags and people, with handlebar bags, panniers, and more that transition from your bike frame to a shoulder sling or tote with ease.

The Orchard Pannier bag retails for $75. The company has also launched a proprietary reflective fabric (Visi-Hemp) and will release its popular Kids Woosh basket model for adults in 2024. 


E-Bike Accessories Round Up - IMG 1684 scaled

A luxury helmet brand from France, Egide makes cycling helmets with style. The Mega Helmet models are built to be compatible with class 1 and 2 e-bikes and come with accessory additions, including visors, leather covers, and even a winter lining to make each helmet usable for skiing and horseback riding.

The company is popular in France and Japan, with plans to expand further into the U.S. market. (MSRP $339–449)

Velo Seats

E-Bike Accessories Round Up - ANGEL REVO Fern TOP 01

Velo Seats creates seats that are compatible with any seat post and are built with a special shock-absorbing design. The Angel Revo model is perfect for road and mountain e-bikes, and with AtmosFoam—a nitrogen-infused foam (reducing CO2 emissions), the seat provides a lighter and finer pore structure when compared to traditional seats. The new Omni Saddle also uses recycled fabric. (MSRP $125)

Hudson Helmet 

E-Bike Accessories Round Up - IMG 1707

The Hudson helmet from Bern is a tried-and-true e-bike product. The helmet comes complete with a removable visor, removable USB chargeable tail light, and MIPS.

The helmet has been around for about three years, and has earned a 5-star Virginia Tech helmet rating. Compatible with class 1, 2, and 3 e-bikes. (MSRP $140)

Photos by Claire Barber