Demo Track

The 2023 (e) revolution features a first-of-its-kind demo track for riders to test all types of e-bikes on display at the show.

Professionally designed for a fun and proper e-bike demo.

Demo Track - Big Gear eRevolution 2023 Bike Track Only 5.31.23 1

This one-way track provides a 28,000 square feet area for participants to test e-bikes exhibited at the show. 

Experience the acceleration and performance that motor-assisted bikes provide on high-speed straight-aways, corners, tight “S” turns, and elevation changes.

Enthusiasts can explore the capabilities of e-mountain bikes in a dedicated section of the track that includes five different elevated skill features from Progressive Bike Ramps of Missouri.

  • Feel the handling capabilities of the e-MTBs on a variety of rollers, ramps, and zigzags.
  • Experience the benefits of e-MTB suspension in a rock garden and log bridge.
  • Conquer the (e)revolution urban bridge, using the e-MTB’s power to charge up to the top of two shipping containers and back down again.

Per Colorado state statute, no one under the age of 16 may ride a Class 3 electric bicycle except as a passenger.

Anyone riding a Class 3 electric bicycle who is under the age of 18 must wear a helmet.