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Exhibitor Services Manual

Modern Expo is our show designer and services provider, and they will be working along with the staff at the Colorado Convention Center to ensure your exhibitor needs are met.

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Mobile Showroom Program

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2023 Mobile Showroom Program

Registered exhibitors with reserved space who wish to use their outdoor mobile exhibits at (e)revolution inside the Colorado Convention Center can take advantage of this special cost-saving program that will allow them to bring their showroom onto the show floor in the convention center, set up their exhibit, and be ready for business.

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Mobile Showroom Criteria for Show Program

A mobile showroom is considered something that the exhibitor can drive into the exhibit hall and be spotted in the assigned exhibited space, such as one of the following:

  • Mobile display, concession, or popup store trailer
  • Sprinter-style van or similar

A vehicle with a trailer is permitted as one vehicle.

Multiple trips/spotting of the same vehicle is not in the spirit of the program, at any price, and is not allowed.

All spotted vehicles, trailers, etc. must fit within the registered space – nothing outside the space boundaries will be permitted.

Vehicles with an internal combustion engine staged in the convention center must conform to the Colorado Convention Center requirements detailed in the Exhibitor Services Manual.

Generators are prohibited inside the Colorado Convention Center – if an exhibitor requires electricity, they can order optional electrical service.

Modern Expo will have final authority on what qualifies for this program.